Powerful Modules - Built In

Every Online Business has different needs and goals. Media ONE's range of flexible modules provide you with quick ways to implement usually complex business requirements, without plug-ins or coding tasks.

Build Your own Web Apps - Without Programming

Media ONE's Web Apps are a powerfully simple way to build basic web applications with a point and click approach. From real estate listings to business directories, you can define mini-databases of "items" and allows your clients to add new items through a simple interface.

Integrated Site Search Engine

Help your clients visitors find what they're looking for, faster. You can customize a site search engine for your client with a point and click approach. You can create as many search engines as you like - simply choose the content you'd like to include, save, then drop the search module on a page.

Share Your Best Side with Photo Galleries

Upload your images to Media ONE and designate a folder as your "gallery". Insert the module onto a page - instant photo gallery, with sexy lightbox effects and simple navigation for your client's customers.

Track Spend and Revenues with Ad Rotators

Many sites sell advertising to help boost profits and revenues. Ad Rotators allow you to create areas within a web page that rotate advertisements in HTML, Flash or image form - and then track impressions and click-throughs, so you can measure ROI.

24hr Self-Service with Announcements & FAQs

Every business has news items, press releases and questions that customers continually ask. With Media ONE's Announcements and FAQs, you can turn your client's website into a 24 hour self-service center - saving your clients valuable time.

Promote & Manage Event Bookings

Media ONE's Bookings module makes collecting bookings for a seminar, concert, or event easy. Customers fill in a booking form, and then your client can optionally collect payments, set capacity limits and automate follow up emails before and after the booking.

Point-and-Click Menu Building

Keeping menus consistent and easily update-able isn't easy. That's what makes Media ONE's Dynamic Menu system so powerful. You add menu nodes with a point and click approach then drop them on your page or template. Every time you add something new, it's updated on the website without any extra work, saving you valuable time.

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