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Your best marketing friends

So your web site is up and running! Hackers and spammers have been contained and all is good. 

Or is it?

Most owners of professionally built web sites have to move beyond the basic requirements of web design and realize that the ROI of their technology investment is tied to their marketing strategy - short and long-term.

Let’s use a car analogy - when you buy a car, you don’t just “own it” - you have to use it. Creating a web site, even a well created one, simply gives you the ownership of something that could produce certain results. Whether it will or not, depends on what you do with it, or how you “drive” your new fancy vehicle.

Professionally built web sites are meant to get certain results. Those results have to be predetermined - what they are, as well as how you will achieve them.

“How” you get results is a question you need to have before you at all times.


Content is king. Have you heard that one? Now you have. Remember it. There are no shortcuts around it.

So, who is responsible for the content on your web site? Are you expecting the team that built your web site to also write content for it? Unless this is agreed upon in advance and is part of the service provided, you have no reason to expect that just because you hired someone to manage your web site’s technology, they will also produce your web site’s content.

You know your business the best. You know your goals and your market. If you don’t, you should probably not be in business. If you do, figure out who will produce all your content.

If you can’t write content that will attract visitors, hire someone to do it. What you don’t know and you’re not able to do for yourself, you pay other people to do it, right? Or you don’t do it at all. True for making shoes, cars, building homes, hospitals...the list goes on. You want something you can’t create yourself? You pay for it or you go without it. If it’s true for every other area in life, what makes you think this is not true for your web site?


Whether you’re selling a product or a service, or you’re managing an organization looking for more members and donations, your web site is only an extension of your overall marketing strategy. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, go back to square one and figure out one.

Before you spend money on Google Ads, realize that it’s possible your best marketing friends are those who already know you and the quality of your work. Find out if they might be willing to agree to help you get the word out on you being online.

Here’s how you can do it:

a) create a database of people who you think might be willing to help

b) write a brief letter explaining your goals and asking people to consider helping you (promise you’ll make it only one page max, please!)

c) thank them whether they do something about it or not

d) repeat every other month for a year

e) now take a good hard look and measure your results

I’m assuming here you have a good analytics tool that gives you a reliable picture of how your web site is being used: traffic, sources, conversion rates, etc.

Your technology provider (web designer, etc) should be able to provide you with a report showing the result of reaching out to the people in your “Friends who might want to help me get the word about my business out” database.


Right now there are probably a lot of your friends who have blogs, web sites, who are on Facebook and Twitter and who know someone who needs your service or product.

Here’s how they can help you:

1) Have your web designer/technology/marketing professional you’re working with, create a good “landing page” - a page that’s different from your main web site. A landing page is a simple, distraction free one-page web site that it’s intended to receive visitors and propel them to a vey speficic action.

2) Explain to people in plain terms what your service or product is all about and ask them to post a link to your landing page on their web site, Facebook or Twitter profiles.

3) Track your results (give out only trackable links, which is the best way to determine where traffic came from, in addition to web site traffic tracking tools).

Did I lose you already? Was all of the above too much to understand, let alone put into motion?

Call me and find out how our team can help you make the most of your online presence!

Or, go watch the Lonely Ranger and tell yourself the end of the world is not here yet...easy, right?

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